How do I create/set a default e-mail address?

Any e-mail that is sent to an unknown account at your domain name, such as, gets automatically rerouted to your default e-mail account. All web site accounts are automatically assigned a default e-mail address - - which you can change, if required.

To set your default e-mail address:

1. Click on the 'Default Address' link in the 'Mail' area.
2. Click on the 'Set Default Address' link.
3. Enter the complete e-mail address of the new default in the field next to your web site name drop-down list.
Note: You can enter :blackhole: to throw away all incoming mail, or :fail: no such address here to bounce the e-mail back to the sender.
4. Click on the 'Change' button. Your new default e-mail address has now been set.

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